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Type non-profit, non-governmental organization
Legal status 1977
Location Nicosia, Cyprus
Website http://www.hasder.org/Foundation/foundationAbout.htm

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in Youth Activism Project.

The HASDER Folk Arts Association was founded in 1977 as the first folklore organization to be established by Turkish Cypriots. It was founded with the objective of researching, spreading and enrichment of Cypriot Folklore in general with special emphasis on Turkish Cypriot Folklore. The association’s vision is to be a modern, progressive and democratic foundation which opposes segregation of race, religion, culture and gender with a consciousness of social responsibility while giving equal importance to the principles of volunteerism and professionalism. The desire is to educate the society of Cyprus and organize activities concerning the issues of culture, arts, folklore, handcrafts, environment, citizenship and consumer rights in parallel with the constantly expanding and improving civil movements around the world.

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