Hrach Gregorian

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Hrach Gregorian
Hrach Gregorian
Service type Advisory Board Member
N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees
Degree(s) BA in Political Science
MA and PhD in International Relations
Field(s) of Study International Peace and Conflict, Political Science, Education, Technology.
University(ies) Boston University
Brandeis University
Specialization(s) Conflict Resolution, Sociology and Technology.
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Prof. Hrach Gregorian is an American political consultant, educator, and conflict resolutionist who has collaborated with Yiannis Laouris and Harry Anastasiou extensively in the years 1996-1998 and remained in partnerships throughout the years. He was first and currently Ex-oficio President of the Institute of World Affairs. He is co-Founding Member of Technology for Peace and organized numerous workshops with the Cypriot peace pioneers. In 1998, they collaborated with the International Communication and Negotiation Simulation Project (ICONS) of the University of Maryland to allow Turkish- and Greek- Cypriots to participate in virtual negotiation workshops at a time when crossing the border was not possible[1],[2]

Currently, he is member of the advisory Board for Act Beyond Borders and member of the N.E.T.S Board of Trustees.

Short bio

Prof Hrach Gregorian taught at Kenyon College and Simmons College, worked at the National Endowment for the Humanities as Humanist Administrator and Coordinator for the Foundations of American Society Initiative until 1988; as Director at theUnited States Institute of Peace.

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