Human Rights and Education Network

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Type Teachers Association
Location Limassol, Cyprus
President George Zikas
Main organ Board of Directors
Website http://

The Human Rights Education Network is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental Organization, which works in close cooperation with a large Network of individuals and organizations who work on Civil Society, Human Rights, Multiculturalism and Education at local, European and International levels. Its Director is George Zikas. The Network has been established with main aim to promote the universal understanding, tolerance, interactive cooperation and equality.

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Other aims include

  1. To sensitize individuals, organizations, groups and communities on Human Rights and Intercultural relationships.
  2. To promote the Intercultural understanding for all Communities in Cyprus.
  3. To promote the mutual congruity of Greek and Turkish Education in Cyprus.
  4. To act as a platform for exchanging ideas and experience on Human Rights, Civil Society and Intercultural Education.