Intercultural Institute of Timisoara

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Intercultural Institute of Timisoara
Abbreviation IIP
Formation 1989
Type NGO
Location Romania


The Intercultural Institute Timisoara (IIT) is an autonomous non-governmental, non-profit engaged in cultural, civic and scientific, non-political organization, which accepts and promotes values ​​& principles of the Council of Europe in interculturalism. ITI was founded in 1992 with the support of local authorities in Timisoara and the Council of Europe .

Through its programs, activities and s, IIT rallied development, intercultural dimension of education and culture. In addition, IIT promote a climate of tolerance and inter-ethnic communication specific to the city of Timisoara and the Banat region.

The IIT has established a network of partners in different regions of Romania and throughout Europe. It is there institutions, non-governmental organizations and experts in different fields of interest. IIT works with local, regional and national authorities in the areas of: education, culture, youth and ethnic minorities in Romania, where we are close and lasting cooperation with the Council of Europe ( cf. Programme "Confidence Building Measures" ).

The Intercultural Institute has been actively involved in many projects of the Council of Europe: Democracy, human rights, minorities: Educational and cultural aspects ;

All DIFFERENT all Gaux - campaign against racism, xnophobie, lantismitisme and lintolrance ;

Education for democratic citizenship

At present, the Intercultural Institute participates in the new projects of the Council of Europe, entitled' Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Prevention. Since 1996, the Intercultural Institute is involved as coordinator or partner in more than twenty pilot projects, mostly related to intercultural education, national or international, local, regional, whose grants were received from the following sources:

The Programe confidence-building measures in the Council of Europes

The Comission Europenne ( Socrates , Leonardo , Youth , Lighthouse )

Foundation for Open Companys Romania

Cultural Foundation Europenne

The British Council

The Center for Civic Education

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

The IIT has published more than twenty volumes, resulting from various projects, in Romanian, French, English and Hungarian. The Romanian language versions are those that the Council of Europe has published more: "Pleading for intercultural" of Antonio Perotti

" All different all equal - educational kit for intercultural education ", prepared by the Youth Directorate of the Council of Europe .

In 1998, the Intercultural Institute Timisoara was the first institution of Eastern Europe to coordinate a transnational project SOCRATES - COMENIUS , Action 2. This project, named EURROM 's, has enabled the development of a methodological guide, addressed to teachers who work with Roma pupils, and, in order to incorporate elements of their culture in the educational process. The Partners of this project EURROM are from Romania, France, Slovakia and Spain. Since 1998, the Intercultural Institute has developed partnerships with many civic NGOs, minority associations and youth Ex-Yugoslavia. Two representatives of the Intercultural Institute are members of two research groups within the Stability Pact for Europe Southeast .

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