International Event in Krakow May 2018

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Project The Long Way to Europe
Place Krakow, Poland
Date(s) 11/05/2018 - 14/05/2018
Person in charge Helene Josephides
Type of participants Project partners and youth
Number of participants 22
Total Duration 2 days


From the 11th to the 14th of May 2018, the Global Education Unit participated to the second international meeting of the project The Long Way to Europe in Krakow, Poland. The meeting was coordinated by the polish NGO Moje Marzenia Spełniają-MMS (My Dreams Come True Association) [1] and the Italian NGO Diritti a Sud [2].

In Krakow, the participants met in the iTechcloud Co-working space[3] for two days. They discussed on Human Rights issues and especially discrimination, focusing on the Jewish community in Krakow. The programme included a workshop with the Polish NGO Interulturalni PL [4] and a chat with Marion Cadier, a French international Human Rights activist. One of the main activities of the international event was the guided visit to Schindler's factory and to Auschwitz.

Furthermore, the participants prepared an event in a public space in Krakow (a public square). The event consisted in a street debate, based on the methodology Porteur de Paroles. The triggering question for the debate was "Have you ever fought for your rights?".

This meeting took place under the framework of the European project The Long Way to Europe which is funded by the EU. It was the third meeting of a series of international meetings, inspired by the story of Zivi Miller, a deported Romanian Jewish painter. Through the four main stages of the trip of Zivi Miller, the youth, during 18 months, take part to four international events in Romania, Poland, Italy and Cyprus.

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