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Youth Career and Advising Center (Juanimo Karjeros Centras)
Abbreviation JKC
Formation 1999
Type Non-profit, non-governmental institution
Headquarters Kaunas
Location Lithuania
Website http://jkc.isprendimai.lt/en/about-us/about-us/

The Youth Career and Advising Center (JKC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation whose main goals and objectives are the development of social, educational and cultural programs as well as endorsement of civic initiatives and advancement of public service system. The main focus of the activities is dedicated to 4 topics: career education and guidance; effective communication and life skills; development education; organisational management. JKC aims to meet public needs through educational, scientific, cultural, social and legal initiatives and to carry out activities to realize the following objectives:

- Provide information and counselling in order to enable people to become responsible for their lives and make important decisions;
- Facilitate non-formal education for acquiring skills and attitudes for successful self-expression (career planning, communication, conflict management, team building, leadership skills development, project management, active civic participation);
- initiate programmes and projects in order to introduce new approaches and methods for successful development of life skills.
- Develop educational, social and cultural initiatives;
- Create and improve the system of career guidance services;
- Stimulate actions of academic community;
- Initiate strategic projects for change in educational system and integration into EU environment;
- Provide information about study opportunities in Lithuania and abroad;
- Provide guidance on career decision making process and personal realisation;
- Provide educational programmes for youth and adults.

E-Hoop Partner

JKC will mobilize its network of in-service teachers, educators, psychologists, social pedagogues, managers of education etc. to serve 3 tasks: (1) Promote the "e-Hoop" philosophical concept (i.e., the innovative initiative to put educational needs related to learning differences as well as to cultural diversity and other differences under one umbrella) in the Baltic countries. Tools: press releases, booklets, web site, and media exposure; dissemination through workshops and conferences inviting all relevant stakeholders (i.e., representing the different groups). (2) A small number of educators who are experts in IT will be trained to develop and upload in our system approximately 10 rich learning objects to be used for validation. (3) Provide experts from its network who will participate in structured dialogues to identify obstacles in developing e-learning materials that can adapt to diverse learners, explore options and define the requirements for the development of the system. They will lead the Exploitation Work Package and will work closely with P6 on the development of its deliverables.

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