Janet McIntyre

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Janet McIntyre
Janet McIntyre
Field(s) of Study Structured Democratic Dialogue
Notable Achievements 2009 Winner of Australian Learning and Teaching

Janet McIntyre-Mills is an Associate Professor at Flinders University, Adjunct Professor at the University of Indonesia and Islamic National University in Indonesia, and Honorary Professor at the University of South Africa. Her research focuses on systemic representation, accountability and re-generation applied to social and environmental justice concerns such as health, housing and social inclusion and the mitigation and adaptation to climate change. She addresses complex needs by exploring the meanings and ‘what if’ questions with diverse stakeholders. [email:janet.mcintyre@flinders.edu.au] Her books include: ‘Global Citizenship and social movements’ (Routledge), ‘Critical Systemic Praxis for social and environmental justice’ (Springer), ‘User-centric design to address complex needs’ (Nova Science). ‘Transformation from Wall Street to Wellbeing: Joining up the dots through Participatory Democracy and Governance to Mitigate the Causes and Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change’. (Springer) and ‘Systemic ethics and Non-anthropocentric Stewardship: Implications for Transdisciplinarity and Cosmopolitan politics’ (Springer).


2009 Winner of Australian Learning and Teaching (ALTC) Council Award for contributions to teaching and learning. Citation: Enabling postgraduate students to undertake MA and PhD level research by developing their critical thinking skills to inspire creative research design and rigorous analysis.

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