Kyriaki Neophytou

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Kyriaki Neophytou
Kyriaki Neophytou
With FWC June 2017 - Present
Title External Associate
Key Project(s) RiskTrack
Key Interests Neurolinguistics, Cognitive (Neuro)Science
Filed(s) of study English Studies (B.A.), Linguistics (research) (M.A.)
University(ies) University of Cyprus (Cyprus), Utrecht University (Netherlands)

Kyriaki Neophytou joined Future Worlds Center as an external Research Associate with the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI) in June 2017. With her rich and diverse background in linguistic research, Kyriaki is currently working on the RiskTrack project.

Short Bio

Kyriaki Neophytou holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Cyprus and an M.A. in Linguistics (Research) from Utrecht University. Currently she is working as research assistant at the Neuroscience of Language Lab at New York University Abu Dhabi, focusing on language processing using Magnetoencephalography (MEG). Her main research interests are experimental neurolinguistics and cognitive (neuro)science, especially in impaired populations, such as people with aphasia or Alzheimer's disease. She also has experience with computational linguistic and corpus analyses.

Selected Papers & Presentations

Selected Papers:
- Neophytou, K., van Egmond, M., & Avrutin, S. (2017). Zipf's Law in Aphasia Across Languages: A Comparison of English, Hungarian and Greek. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics, 24(2-3), 178-196.
- Neophytou, Kyriaki (2014). Production of Verbs in Greek: The effect of Regularity and Inflectional Entropy (Master's thesis).
- Alexandropoulou, S., Chesney, S., Grimm, R., Kokke, P., Kruit, B., Neophytou, K., ... & Winter, Y. (2014). Annotating by Proving using SemAnTE. In Proceedings of the demonstrations at the 14th conference of the european chapter of the association for computational linguistics (pp. 77-80). Association for Computational Linguistics.

- Neophytou, K., Manouilidou, C., Stockall, L., & Marantz, A. (2016, September) Processing of lexical category and argument structure information in deverbal adjectives: An MEG study on Greek. Oral presentation at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language, London, UK.
- Neophytou, K. & Avrutin, S. Production of verbs in Greek: The effect of Regularity and Inflectional entropy. (2016, January). Oral presentation at the Experimental Approaches to Arabic and other understudied languages (EXAL+) Conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
- Neophytou, K., Van Egmond, M. & Avrutin, S. Word frequency distributions in aphasic speech across languages (2014, July). Oral presentation at the 5th UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Lancaster, UK.