MDGs- Media for Development Goals

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Formal Project Description
Contract Title MDGs- Media for Development Goals
Project Acronym Media for MDGs
Lead Partner Salezjański Wolontariat Misyjny Młodzi Światu (Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service – Youth For The World)
Agreement n° ONG-ED/2009/202-170
Partners Future Worlds Center (CNTI)
Cost of Action €585,195.00
Grant €495,016.00
Dates 01/03/2010 - 28/02/2012

About Project MDGs- Media for Development Goals
Overall objective(s)
  • To increase awareness about MDGs, interdependence between EU and development countries.
  • To mobilize youth through educational and informational campaigns, actively engage them and empower them.
  • Involve youth and give them strong education on development issues
  • To integrate development issues into formal and non formal education.
Specific objective(s)
To involve Youth in the development of multimedia tools to promote MDGs
Expected Results
  • 16 leaders trained.
  • Network of 32 schools participating in school media program.
  • At least 32 Teachers and 900 youth participating in school media program
  • e - platform
  • e-learning course
  • complex educational- multimedia material.
  • Final result: raised awareness among youth in the target countries.