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MOB (Social Support Office) served as partner in ManyMe. XXX was the contact person. MOB is a reliable partner in care and support in Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Dordrecht-Drechtsteden and Amsterdam-Amstelland. their strength comes from the great diversity of our customers and employees. MOB makes sure vulnerable people are able to keep being active in our society, on a self-chosen way. MOB takes cultural and personal/background of all lifestyles into account. They inform, activate, support and help patients and their surrounding people to keep contributing to the society by staying healthy in mind and body. MOB is an organization with many services aimed at living, home and personal environment, cure, care, wellness and caring for your loved ones. Ranging from health, living with a condition, living in poverty conditions and helping the socially and educationally less developed. MOB is always more than just care alone.