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Map Your Meal

“Map Your Meal”, is a funded project, implemented in Cyprus by Future Worlds Center. This is a 36- month (2015-2017) international project supported through the Non –state Actors and Local Authorities in Development Programme of the European Union (Europe Aid).

Formal Project Description
Contract Title Map Your Meal
Project Acronym MYM
Donor EuropeAid
Lead Partner Future Worlds Center, Cyprus
Agreement n° DCI-NSAED/2014/338-338
Partners Südwind Agentur (Austria), C.E.G.A. Foundation (Bulgaria), FAIR TRADE HELLAS (Greece), Cumbria Development Education Center (United Kingdom), Future Worlds Centre (Cyprus)
Cost of Action €1,158,986.37
Grant €1,101,037.05
Cost for FWC €436,994.42
Grant for FWC €427,965.11
Dates 01/01/2015 - 31/12/2017

Short Description attitudinal change in the way people, and especially young people, consume food, the choices they make and the type of products they support.
About Project Map Your Meal
Overall objective(s)
  • Contribute to the EYD2015 by enhancing public awareness and understanding of global interdependencies through exploring the global food system
  • Mobilise young people to become engaged in promoting global social justice and sustainable ways of living
  • Connect European initiatives for sustainable living with similar initiatives in Global South, fostering greater understanding of the concepts of food sovereignty and sustainable food production and supply chains
Specific objective(s)
  • Based on a comprehensive smart phone application and accompanying interactive learning materials exploring the origins of their food, their individual components and the socio-economic and environmental impact of these, this project aims to raise people's awareness about interdependencies and injustices and about the need for more sustainable food systems.

, Global Education Unit