Map Your Meal - Explorer's Guide

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Map Your Meal - Explorer's Guide
Map Your Meal - Explorer's Guide
Author(s) Sophia Arnaouti
Kerstin Wittig
Kelly Garyfalli
Carina Kerle
Gabi Lipska Badoti
Vladislav Petkov
Marina Sarli
Sonja Schachner

Renate Sova
Olivia Tischler

Pages 67
ISBN-13 978-9925-554-13-3 (print)
Year 2017
Link Download Toolkit

Map Your Meal - Explorer's Guide is the toolkit created by the partners of the EU funded project Map Your Meal for the purposes and dissemination of the project and its objectives. In Cyprus the toolkit was distributed to the secondary schools of the public sector, through the Ministry of Education and Culture.

You can download the toolkit (in English) here File:Map Your Meal Toolkit Explorers Guide 2017.pdf

This document has been translated and distributed in English, Greek, German and Bulgarian.

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