Maria Hadjipavlou

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Maria Hadjipavlou
Maria Hadjipavlou
Years of service 1997-2008
Service type Advisory Board Member for
Technology for Peace
Young Journalists Project
New Media Landscape
Current Post Associate professor at University of Cyprus
Degree(s) Phd
Field(s) of Study Education
University(ies) Boston University
Specialization(s) Peace and Conflict Resolution
Gender studies
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Maria Hadjipavlou has served in several Advisory Board of Future Worlds Center, including the Advisory Board for the Young Journalists Project, for Technology for Peace and for New Media Landscape. Maria was member of the Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group and founding member and President of the Cyprus Intercultural Training Initiative, the Peace Centre Cyprus and the Hands Across the Divide[1].

External Links


  1. Hands Across the Divide Webpage