Maria Kyprianou

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Maria Kyprianou
Maria Kyprianou
With FWC 2009 - 2010
Title Assistant Coordinator
Key Project(s) Cyberethics: Cyprus Safer Internet Center
Degree(s) BS in Psychology
Postgraduate in Cognitive, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
University(ies) University of Greenwich
University of Cyprus

Mrs. Maria Kyprianou joined in Future Worlds Center as a Helpline Assistant Coordinator. Maria has also served as as Assistant facilitator in the Learning and Development Needs for Cypriot Local Authorities project, specifically during the SDDP Local Authorities Nicosia I and SDDP Local Authorities Nicosia II SDDPs.

Short Bio

Maria acquired her first degree in the Psychology from University of Greenwich in London in 2007. In 2009 she graduated from the University Cyprus where she was given the title postgraduate in Cognitive, Developmental, and Educational Psychology, with accent in the Developmental Psychology. She has inquiring experience on issues Social Psychology (obedience in the power, intercommunal contact and bias), Developmental Psychology (violence in romantic relations and family), that also it has presented in international and European congresses of Psychology in the abroad.

Worked at Future Worlds Center in the New Media Lab.