Marie-Nicol Arbelias

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Marie-Nicol Arbelias
Marie-Nicol Arbelias
With FWC March - July 2011.
Title Intern
Key Project(s) SDDP Training School
Key Interests Conflict Resolution;Youth and Community Development
Degree(s) BA (2004); MS (2006)
Filed(s) of study to be..
University(ies) to be..
Notable Achievements to be..

Marie-Nicole Arbelias began as a full-time intern at Future Worlds Center in March 2011 and stayed until July 2011.

Other contributions

During her stay, Marie-Nicole worked on the following:

Worked on an application under FP7: ICT specific programme within the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP): Theme 5. Open Innovation for Internet-enabled services in 'smart' cities' The project required intense focus on Living Labs and I was unable to link both methodologies. Specifically, to link SDD’s with the objectives of the project, as we had a technical issue with regards to scaling up SDD and engaging stakeholders – which in this case would have had to be citizens, ministries and SME’s. 2-Phase process was suggested (Engage in SDD workshops first and then use a Living Labs approach). Failed to come to a unifying idea about the project and could not submit on time.

  • Contributed to the Moblang project:
  • Worked on Translations on the Anspear site. Specifically, translated over 400 phrases from English to Greek. Also made many edits to existing phrases and words.
  • Worked with Constanze on images for moblang. Went to Aretaeon Hospital and took photos under supervision of Hospital Admin Director which I arranged. Also visited supermarkets and took pictures with Constanze.
  • Recorded Turkish translations in recording studio in Dhali with my colleague Melis and her cousin. Then recorded all Greek phrases with Costas Michaelides in same studio, 3 hour long recordings.
  • Worked on editing software Audacity. As I was the only one who knew how to work it, I was asked by Tatjana to train UCY staff (partners) Duriye, to use it. Tatjana and Cinzia were also at the training.

Contributed to the Stella 2.0 project:

  • Wrote and recorded my voice for 2 web Podcasts on Cyprus. (“Love Stories of Cyprus” and “Food and Living”)

Organizer of the 3rd Int’l SDDP Facilitators Training in Cyprus

  • Led the process of organizing the school, in cooperation with my colleague Elicia Reed.
  • Trained under Aleco Christaki in Crete on SDD Facilitation (4 day intensive training) including use of Cogniscope II.
  • Liaised with all SDD practisioners on structure of the training school and content, including materials needed.
  • Designed and produced brochures and leaflets for the school. In connection to all other marketing and promotional activities undertaken for the workshops. Including working with IT Team (Andreas and Sotires) to create the website.
  • Met with potential SDD candidates i.e Marios Michaelides (local authorities) and CSAP students in Greece.
  • Developed the registration forms and procedures for the school and kept in ongoing contact with potential applicants. Dealt with queries and handled logistics of approved applicants. Handled accommodation and venue arrangements.
  • Liaised with Veronica on budgets.
  • Initiated certification process, also spoke with Vassos Vassilieou (Snr inspector for Cy Cert to get the school certified), then sourced ISO 17024 form from ESYD Greek Authority for certification. Was unable to play a key role in the actual certification process as I was offered employment elsewhere at this point.

To sum up, my 4 months at FWC were never ever boring! Even though I am an HR generalist and was not directly involved in the HR functions of the organization, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working there. As I usually immerse myself in research, I was able to conduct research in a field which greatly interests and concerns me (FET). I was fortunate enough to meet lots of great people including my colleagues and friends, and believe I was productive and contributed as much as I could over this short period of time. I am always willing to contribute to any future projects and activities as I believe FWC are noble in their endeavors and efforts to benefit, improve and develop our society.