Marios Antoniou

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Marios Antoniou
Marios Antoniou
Key Project(s) Youth Promoting Peace
Degree(s) Masters in Educational Leadership
BA in Science of Education
University(ies) University of North Carolina
University of Cyprus
Specialization(s) Peace building

Short Bio

Marios Antoniou collaborated with Future Worlds Center from his role as member of the Youth Promoting Peace group. Marios was the youngest member of a group of teenagers who managed to organize over 40 large public events between 1999-2003 breaking the ice and mobilizing thousands of citizens to work towards peace. Even though he was the youngest, the group elected him President, a position that he hold for the whole time he was in Cyprus. Up[on graduating high school and completing his army, he studied a few years as a teacher and then he moved on to the US.

Marios holds a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of North Carolina and a BA in Science of Education from the University of Cyprus. He also holds a diploma in Conflict Resolution and International Development from the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center.

In 2007, he worked as a communications and events officer at the NGO Support Center, on a UNDP/UNOPS - USAID funded bi-communal peace building project on strengthening the Cyprus Civil Society.

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