Maryann Ford

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Maryann Ford
Maryann Ford
With FWC January 2015 to Present
Key Project(s) Strengthening Asylum
Degree(s) BS in Environmental Health, MA in Peace and Conflict Studies
Filed(s) of study to be..
University(ies) University of Massachusetts Lowell
Notable Achievements to be..

Maryann Ford started as an intern at Future Worlds Center in January 2015 for a period of six months. Due to her past experience working with refugees in USA and personal interest to get to continue working in the similar field, she has been placed at the Humanitarian Affairs Unit.

Short Bio

Maryann has a BS in Environmental Health and a MA in Peace and Conflict Studies with a concentration in Policy Analysis from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Maryann was an intern for the US Embassy in Dublin, Ireland, working in the Political-Economic Affairs Department. Since returning to the USA to work for a refugee resettlement agency, Maryann has focused on refugee job training and employment. Within the Humanitarian Affairs Unit, she hopes to gain a wider perspective of the challenges facing refugees in Cyprus, and in Europe as a whole. She is especially interested in the social and legal logistics of a ensuring a positive transition for clients.

She speaks English, some Spanish, and some Greek.