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Mediterranean BEE Hubs in support for sustainable economic prosperity in deprived rural areas
[[File:{{{logo}}}|200px|text-top|Mediterranean BEE Hubs in support for sustainable economic prosperity in deprived rural areas]]
Funding Period 01/07/2022-31/12/2023
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To support the economies of five deprived rural communities by empowering and networking local people, especially the youth, in developing handicraft honeybee products businesses and tourism services networks, hence contributing to build a Mediterranean Bee-economy

Thematic objective

A.1 Business and SMEs development Priority: A.1.2 Euro-Mediterranean economic clusters Countries: Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Italy

Related Workshops

For this project there are 6 different workshops that will be set up. The first wave is the "communication campaign". It aims to invite young people to share their ideas on the Pusula/Ππούσουλας platform and to invite the general public to "support" the ideas they like on this same platform. In order to make a Presentation and dissemination of the project. The second wave "public evaluation" aims to invite the general public to evaluate the proposals using the Idea Lens according to their impact, their feasibility and the likelihood that they will be implemented without intervention. Then, the third wave "structured democratic dialogue" invites the general public to participate in the event (F2F) based on a structured democratic dialogue process (SDDP). It allows the authors to present their ideas to the general public and thus allows them to get feedback from the general public on their ideas.The fourth wave "awareness-raising campaign" will serve to raise public awareness of the Roadmap for Action and to raise awareness of youth priorities. And therefore to mobilise youth actors to take the lead in implementing the roadmap. The fifth wave "call-to-action and advocacy campaign" will announce the open call for participants (CSOs, informal groups or individuals who wish to take action and lobby for the implementation of the roadmap for action) for mentoring and life skills training. Finally, the sixth wave "Post-project evaluation and policy recommendations" will evaluate the project activities and consolidate the survey results and project deliverables into policy recommendation packages and then disseminate the recommendation packages to all final and intermediate project beneficiaries.


  1. Virtual_SDDP_MedBEESinessHubs_2022
  2. Training of Facilitators SDD MedBEESinessHubs Jun 2022