Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies

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Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies
Abbreviation MIGS
Location Nicosia,Cyprus
Website [1]


The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) is a non-profit organisation which promotes and contributes to projects of social, political, and economic themes relating to gender with an emphasis on the Mediterranean region. The Institute recognises the multilayered levels of discrimination against women and accepts that this discrimination takes different forms. It is committed to the elimination of this discrimination using a combination of research, advocacy and lobbying, as well as trainings, conferences, and other activities.


MIGS aims to act as a main contributor to the intellectual, political, and socio-political life of the region as this relates to issues of gender and to do so using a multidisciplinary approach and in collaboration with other institutions.

MIGS is closely affiliated to the University of Nicosia, the largest academic institution in Cyprus. The institute has been actively involved, both as a coordinating institution and as a partner, in the administration and implementation of a number of projects related to issues of gender.

Relation to Future Worlds Center

MIGS has been our associate partner in projects such as:

Psycho-Social Support to Asylum Seekers

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