Multikultúra Egyesület

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Multikultúra Egyesület
Type non governmental, not for profit, volunteer organisation.
Legal status 2002
Location Budapest, Hungary
Website ME

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in UCYVROK - Uniting for Citizenship and Participation

Multikultúra Egyesület - was founded in Budapest, on 15th April 2002, to promote the culture of the national and ethnic minorities, to provide assistance to foreigners living in our country and to ensure the rights of the foreigners so they can help help them integrate into the society. Since 2006, we are an acknowledged sending organization in the European Voluntary Service. Since the beginning of 2006 we prepared about 40 young persons to travel abroad in the frame of voluntary projects. Also in March 2008 we became an accredited host organization. The theme of this project is to organize leisure programmes for migrant children.Some Youth programmes are, in 2005, London: bilateral projects. Title: Integration of migrants in Hungary and in the UK. In 2006, Budapest: partners: Poland, Serbia, Kosovo. Title: Youth in Europe – Young People’s European Identity. Theme: common Europe, solidarity and tolerance and last in 2008, Visegrád (HU): partners: Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Egypt. Title: Exhibit Yourself! Theme: tolerance, fighting against stereotypes, studying different cultures.

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