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The NGO Support Center was established in December 1999 with the name Centre for Management Studies and changed its name into NGO Support Centre, which better reflect the sphere of its work, objectives and activities. Previous activities of the Centre included among others, seminars, workshops and study visits.

Vision/ Mision/ Objectives

Our Vision is a strong Civil Society in Cyprus, an area which is traditionaly weak in our society, nevertheless necessar for its democratic operation. Consequently, the mision of the centre is the mobilisation of people and resources for the strenthening of the Civil Society in Cyprus.

The NGO Support Centre is dedicated to supporting civic engagement, participation and citizens’ initiatives. It believes that pushing for positive change in our society is extremely important for the promotion and safeguarding of human rights and the only effective way to promote citizens’ interests. As active members of society, citizens are the force which drives a state forward; a force that can – and should – push for change in our neighbourhood, city and in our country as a whole.

Objectives of the Centre:

• Contrivution to the capacity building of NGOs with the provision of consulting services and training on management and organisation.

• Raising awareness of the role of the third sector in the development of transparent and democratic process and the encouragment of initiatives in the Civil Society.

• Support of initiaitives that contribute to the strengthening of the Civil Society and enhancement of the relations between local and international

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