Nane Womens Rights Association

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Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in JoinTheNet IV – Dissemination of material for education and training on health symptoms caused by violence (PTSD).

Nane Womens Rights Association
Type non-governmental organisation
Location Budapest, Hungary

The Nane Womens Rights Associationis a NGO. What we at NANE can and do offer is to listen the victims and it listen to the victims, understand them without making judgements and raise public awareness of domestic violence through publications and training sessions.

NANE is still the only NGO running a hotline for battered women and children in Hungary. Since our beginnings in 1994 the range of our activities has grown considerably. We have initiated amendments to laws and public administration reforms in areas where the current regulations do not guarantee equal protection under the law for victims of domestic violence. We petitioned the Constitutional Court to declare that marital rape is a crime and therefore should be included in Hungarian criminal law. Our efforts, which turned into a vocal public movement, succeeded in 1997 when the Hungarian Parliament outlawed marital rape. As well as a crisis hotline, we also voice our views through several media channels, including the written and electronic.

In 1999, NANE was awarded the status of outstandingly important charity.

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