Neoclis Nicolaou

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Service type Advisory Board Member for Civil Society Dialogue
N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees
Degree(s) BA Honors in Econometrics
Field(s) of Study Economics
Venture capital
University(ies) University of Manchester
Manchester Business School
Specialization(s) Corporate Strategy
Investment Banking
Systemic analysis of economy
Social/Academic write the Social/Academic info of the member.
Notable Achievements Role in Founding CIIM
Key player in CDB privatization

Neoklis Nicolaou is member of the N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees. He is also a Founding Member of theCyprus Society for Systemic Studies.

Since 2009, Neoclis Nicolaou is the Managing Director of Neoconsult Ltd., an advisory firm specializing in corporate strategy and capital raising with particular emphasis in the shipping sector.

Neoclis started his professional career at the Cyprus Development Bank[1], where he spent 15 years. He worked in the Management Consulting Division, where he occasionally applied the principles of systems sciences and especially the Viable Systems Model to support client companies. He subsequently became Manager of the Investment Banking Division of the Bank. While at the CDB, Neoclis played a key role in the establishment of the Cyprus International Institute of Management. In 2000, he moved to CLR Group, where he held the position of Executive Director in charge of the strategic development of the group.

Neoclis Nicolaou was a key player of the only privatization (as of today) that took place in Cyprus, i.e., of the Cyprus Development Bank[2],[3]

Academic Background

Neoclis Nicolaou studied Econometrics in the University of Machester and subsequently he obtained his MBA from the Manchester Business School, where he met and was taught Cybernetics and the Viable Systems Model theory by Professor Stafford Beer[4]

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