New Media Landscape Now!

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Formal Project Description
Contract Title New Media Landscape Now!
Project Acronym New Media Landscape
Donor HasNa Inc.
Lead Partner Future Worlds Center
Agreement n° USIP Grant Proposal 219-05F
Partners The Management Centre
Countries of the action Cyprus, Island-wide
Cost of Action $28,858.63
Grant $28,858.63
Cost for FWC $28,858.63
Grant for FWC $28,858.63
Dates 01/10/2007 - 31/05/2008

About Project New Media Landscape
Overall objective(s)
  • Engage senior journalists
Specific objective(s)

The Parties have agreed to work together to promote collaboration in Cyprus through the New Media Landscape Now! Project, with aims to bring together journalists from both sides of divided Cyprus to produce a strong vision for an ideal media landscape which will hopefully serve as a magnet to mobilize this chain of transformation.

  • Identify four Greek Cypriot and four Turkish Cypriot journalists to engage in a continuing dialogue throughout the life cycle of the project.
  • Make sure that the aforementioned chosen journalists take leadership roles; commit to the time requirements, dedicate their selves to building a New Media Landscape Now! and form the core of the entire group of media professionals as well as be the foundation of the project itself.
  • Organize a workshop with these eight (8) Cypriot journalists that will focus on the development of a road map towards an ideal media landscape in Cyprus.
  • Organize two follow-up, closed-door conferences with a total of 24 journalists – 12 from each side of the island. They will work together to finalize a vision of a future media landscape in Cyprus and to develop an action plan with steps towards a feasible transformation of the existing media landscape
  • Put together a set of guidelines sharing good practices and potential steps towards a new media world, to be disseminated among the main stakeholders related to media on both sides