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NTL Neue Technologien und Lernen e.V. / New Technologies and Learning in Europe is a nonprofit association under German law registered since January 1993 to support the use of new technologies to innovate learning experiences for individuals, groups and institutions, to transform educational institutions and the development processes for competences by supporting front end scientific research, encouraging and facilitating networking on national and international scale and between the different groups of stakeholders in fields like in policy and administration, research, development and implementation, professionals, quality and user representatives,

For this aim NTL supports research in the fields above, particularly in systemic innovation in education, disseminates results of research in the domains mentioned, facilitates communities of practice, cooperation, analysis and transfer of good practice, organizes and animates real and virtual meetings and participates in Project consortia with emphasis on work in awareness raising, stakeholders, consensus building, sustainability strategies and quality assurance framework on project, learning system and educational policy level.

To strengthen and speed up restructuring and innovation processes in HE, VET and the school system with a LLL perspective, NTL since its foundation supports particularly educational progress and innovation by the inclusion of all areas of key competences in a learner centered approach.

NTL e.V. closely cooperates with the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, particularly its Innovation in Learning Institute (FIM NewLearning), other research centers on regional, national and European level, non profit organizations and EEIGs in the field (like the MENON Network, EFQUEL and EDEN), ministries, NGOs, developers, providers innovation implementers and similar.

President of the association and Managing Director since 1993 is Walter F. Kugemann, Founder (1976) and Director of the Innovation in Learning Institute ILI(FIM) of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, in retirement since June 2009.

e-Hoop Partner

NTL's main responsibility is to elaborate on the scientific grounding of the methodology and of the instructional design of the software modules of the learning environment. Its scientists will collaborate with FC and CNTI to provide the literature review and the scientific justifications (WP3). NTL will also be responsible for the “Requirements Definition Document”. They will lead WP4 on sample content testing, assessment and pilot operation and they will be involved in the interpretation of the results, contextualization and preparation of scientific abstracts, reports and papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals. They will review the methodology to evaluate the impact of the developed environment and will both send and host short scientific missions with the aim of finalizing the plans for the design. KMRC will also serve as a source of young scientists who might be invited to include aspects of the project in their theses, thus contributing to higher scientific standards.

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