Non-Formal Civil Society Workshop - Non-formal education

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Basic Civil Society Strengthening Workshops
Basic Civil Society Strengthening Workshops
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Ramallah,Hof Ashkelon
Date(s) April, October-November

Action group workshop in Ramallah

The fist Non-Formal action group orkshop took place in Ramallah 27/04/2013.


Action group workshop in Hof Ashkelon

The second Non-Formal action group workshop will take place in Hof Ashkelon. It's aim is to create a team of tenth and eleventh graders to support children and the Regional Council during emergency situations. Non-Formal education and training will be provided to twenty students in stress mitigation, basic disaster relief and basic first aid. This community based and youth oriented emergency relief initiative is unique in its ability to provide support for schools and students during times of emergency and conflict.