Organizatia Ecologista Neguvernamentala Mare Nostrum (Mare Nostrum)

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Organizatia Ecologista Neguvernamentala Mare Nostrum
Abbreviation ONG
Location Romania
Website [1]

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in MARINA project.

The Organizatia Ecologista Neguvernamentala Mare Nostrum s a non-profit organisation, apolitical and independently ecological from Constanta founded in 1993 at the initiative of some young professionals, coming from different fields related to marine research and environmental protection, who realised that science itself can’t solve all the serious ecological imbalances arising in the Black Sea region.

Mare Nostrum’s Mission - Mare Nostrum is an organisation available to all the citizens concerned about the environment’s degradation, whose mission is to determine the change of the current practices and local communities’ attitudes, policy makers and other interest groups, those that ensure the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources on the Romanian coast. Emphasising the partnership and respect towards the environment, Mare Nostrum works towards the public awareness, ecological education and creates pressure on decisional agents, for an effective protection of the Black Sea’s environment and Romanian coastal zone. Mare Nostrum has 70 registered members, more than 75 supporters, a staff of 7 (full time and part time) and an active group of volunteers which currently exceeds 100 people. In order to achieve this mission, Mare Nostrum is focusing on environmental education, public awareness campaigns, coastal environment surveys, advocacy, and lobbying.

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