Our DiverCity

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Project Youth in Action
Place Moldova
Date(s) 1-11 June
Type of participants Youth
Number of participants 35
Total Duration Ten days

On 1-11 June 2014, the Youth in Action funded ‘’’Our DiverCity’’’ youth exchange was held in rural Moldova. Participants form Azerbaijan, Portugal, Georgia, Turkey, Moldova, and Cyprus participated in ten-days of contact and exchange aimed at enhancing their knowledge of diversity. Through experiential and informal learning, participants developed their personal identities, shared traditions and cultures and discussed barriers to intercultural learning, understanding and communication. Future Worlds Center was represented at ‘’’Our DiverCity’’’ by exchange-organizer Romial Kenmogne and group leader Randolph Dilday.

‘’’Our DiverCity’’’, and similar projects, represent a unique opportunity for youth to ameliorate intercultural issues; to strengthen bonds between individuals, communities, and cultures through contact, experience, and dialogue.

Our DiverCity Country Presentation