Output 2.1: “50 Proposals for Action towards designing ideal future systems of governance” video-clips uploaded on YouTube™

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During the co-Laboratories the participants were asked to respond to the following triggering question: What actions can youth take towards developing a more participatory system of governance? After that, each participant wrote down her/his thoughts and ideas and then s/he used the IdeaPrism™ App (developed by FWC to support online collection of ideas and available for free on Apple and Google Stores) to videotape 1-min video clip of her/his responses and upload it on YouTubeTM. The 50 final clips represented the balance of gender, social economic status and ethnicity balance of the participants in the Co-Laboratories.

Concrete results / Monitoring: Through video clips on YouTubeTM several positive results were expected and realised. The most important result was that the youth mobilize the world to take action to increase people’s participation and say in election processes, against corruption and the rise of racism and violence – in order to reinvent democracy for all. The effectiveness and impact of this mobilization was measured by collecting the number “likes”, “comments” and “shares” of videos on YouTubeTM.

Follow-up Actions: Even during each co-Laboratory the participants’ ideas were available on YouTubeTM as mini video clips. Thus, not only everybody participating in the face-to-face and also in the parallel virtual sessions was able to view them, “like” or “unlike” an idea or even “comment” on this or “share” it with others, but also this was an effective way for the events to be disseminated to the wider public. The video clips were also shared through FWC’s mailing lists, as well as through the mailing lists of the participants. Likes and comment were used for possible follow-up projects. A Best video clip competition (Output 2.2) was announced to promote the sharing of the clips.