Output 3.2: Manifesto for 21st Century Democracy: “Requirements of a new system of democracy” established

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The ideas and suggestions from the participants of the Co-Laboratories are concluded in a draft Manifesto for 21st Century developed by the FWC and named “Requirements of a new system of democracy”. The Manifesto is expected to be launched during the final two quarters of the second year in an e-form and will be used as an advocacy tool to raise awareness on the actions and factors which will increase youth participation in an ideal future system of governance. Participants are encouraged and supported to approach policy-makers in their home-countries and invite them to read the Manifesto for 21st Century Democracy. It could be the first globally coordinated action that challenges the current system of democracy and gives youth a voice officially rather than staying passive towards a problematic situation.

Concrete results / Monitoring: The Manifesto will help to establish a relationship and create a dialogue with the policy-makers, about youth’s participation in democratic processes. Moreover, it gives youth a way to move near policy makers and freely express their ideas and goals with the hope of changing the system. The result will be monitored by regional implementing partners and the result will be collected by FWC. Success stories will be shared on the Global FacebookTM group. Number of downloads will measure the interest and outreach.

Follow-up Actions: The manifesto will serve as “teaser” and tool to engage the media, i.e., invite project participants together with local political personalities to discuss about the results of the project and the manifesto proposals. It will thus facilitate the creation of new networks that connect youth and citizens with policy makers. All participants will be encouraged to approach and engage policy makers in their respective regions. The project team will offer support and guidance where needed, and will also approach organizations within its global network to further promote the manifesto.