Output 3.4 Grants for projects proposed by participants

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Participants will be invited to submit proposals and apply for a grant to implement actions. The grants will support participants with the implementation of their own initiatives. The call for proposals will focus on democratic transformation and will be divided in two thematic areas. The criteria will include both an evaluation of the commitment and previous contributions of the applicant(s) as well as evaluation of the potential of their proposed activities to serve the wider dissemination of the ideas, the change of attitudes and participation levels of youth and the sustainability of the project at large. The call will open after the completion of the first global webinar (Q6). The 5 proposals with the higher score will be awarded with a grant to implement their actions (one per region) in Q8.

Concrete results expected / Monitoring: The call is expected to motivate participants to develop their own ideas and explore opportunities to implement their work. FWC will create the guidelines for the application process and will be responsible for monitoring the procedure.

Follow-up Actions: After the award of the grants, participants will proceed with the implementation of their project proposals. The grants will secure that at least 5 proposals will be further implemented after the completion of the project.