Policy: Creating clusters of projects

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At Future Worlds Center projects operate in concert. They do not only share people, they also share values, aims and methods. The intermingling of people, ideas, practical knowledge and personal skills development are among the major characteristics of the organization that attract people from around the world to join.

Projects share technological know-how

We exploit technology to work as professionally as possible. Projects have their own websites. Our Associates become experts in using professional software for development, design, communications and project management systems, and even in programming.

Projects capitalize on Future Worlds Center's strengths and expertise

Almost everybody is an expert in structured dialogue. With Prof emeritus Aleco Christakis on Board, Future Worlds Center is an international leader not only in the application of the structured dialogic design process, but also in its continuing scientific expansion. Current focus is on developing theory and tools to enable scaling-up to engage up to 1000 people in constructive dialogue that leads to consensus.