Procedure: Hiring process

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At Future Worlds Center, inviting new people to join is a very serious process. Please refer to the relevant Joining Future Worlds Center policy for more information.

We refer to Hiring New People, when we have a specific budget available for a new person.

Getting ready for interviewing your candidates

  1. Create a Job Applications email account on the Future Worlds Center Email Server; if you don't know how to do this, please contact Future Worlds Center IT Unit.
  2. Decide the deadline for the process.
  3. Prepare a Job Announcement according to Future Worlds Center standards; if you don't know how to do this, please contact Future Worlds Center Administration.
  4. Publish a Job Announcement article in at least one printed media.
  5. Disseminate the Job Announcement article using all virtual infrastructures available to Future Worlds Center.
  6. Collect all applications and CVs in a special Box File for assistance, please contact to Future Worlds Center Administration
  7. Arrange for dates and times for interviewing candidates

Complying with Gender Equality and non-discrimination policies

All hires must comply with the organization's Gender Equality and non-discrimination policies. At each step of the process, the hiring committee must ensure that candidates progressing to the next step include equal numbers for each gender.

Hiring requires three phases

Phase I: Interview all Candidates

All Candidates are usually invited and scheduled for an interview. An interviewing committee is put in place by those interested to hire the new person(s). The Committee might include also interns and younger persons as long as they are briefed on the process. All interviewees get to ask questions and fill-in the Interviewing Form. At the end of the process, five candidates are selected based on their cumulative scores. They are invited to the next Phase.

Phase II: Interviewing five, choosing two

For all practical purposes, the five finalists are considered equivalent as far as their academic and personal abilities are concerned. The purpose of this Phase is to determine which candidates fulfill Future Worlds Center requirement for compatibility with its culture as well as who share Future Worlds Center's values and visions. The gender dimension is taken also into consideration

Phase III: Choosing 1 out of 2 finalists

The final selection is based on criteria that have to do with personal preferences and character compatibilities with those with whom the new person will work.