Procedure: Inviting and Hosting interns

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This Procedure is related to the Hosting interns Policy.

Before responding to anyone interested to persue an internship at Future Worlds Center, please make sure you familiarize yourself with the relevant Hosting interns Policy.

First contact is important

Any Future Worlds Center Associate may respond to an incoming request for an internship. However, all requests must be communicated to:

  1. Future Worlds Center Interns Liaison, who is the person in charge for this process and
  2. Future Worlds Center Chair

Necessary Requirements

The following are absolutely necessary requirements in order to accept anyone to make an internship at Future Worlds Center:

  1. The Applicant wishes to spend at least 6, preferably 12 month with the Organization;
  2. There is at least one Project Coordinator interested to serve as Mentor for the Applicant.

The first condition can be waived only with the support of at least two Board Members who will prepare a Mini Board Resolution.

Factors influencing the decision

The Factors to consider before making a decision whether to accept an Applicant as intern are the following:

  1. Country of origin and ethnicity; Future Worlds Center is a multi-cultural, multi-national organization;
  2. How inspiring, detailed and complete was the letter sent to the Organization;
  3. Whether the applicant understands that s/he will be responsible to work full time in order successfully complete agreed tasks

For inviting and hosting interns, official application completed by the intern shall be submitted to the Future Worlds Center Interns Liaison as well as Head of the relevant unit.