Procedure: Organization of an event

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The organization of any event should comply with the Organization of an event policy.

Distribution of Roles and Responsibilities

  • The organizers must assign the role of the Event Organizer to a distinct person soon enough before the event.
  • They should also assign the role of the assistant, supporter or replacement to at least another person.

Capitalizing on the event using PR, Media and cross-selling principles

  • You must try to capitalize on the event and to promote other projects/people within Future Worlds Center.
  • Arrange for a public person to put the event under her auspices and/or address the opening.
  • Announce the event on the respective project website at least 1 month before.
  • Announce the event on the FWC Blog at least 2 weeks to 1 month before.
  • Announce the event through Future Worlds lists at least 2 weeks before.
  • Announce the event on Facebook.
  • Announce the event to the wider public through Press release (via fax/email to media/journalists at least 1 month before.
  • Send Email-Facebook reminder 3-5 days before event.

Arranging the program

  • Define your participants and make sure you invite them all (email not enough!).
  • Prepare and print the program in high quality with all logos and credits in place.
  • Prepare materials of your project and of the organization to give with program.
  • Visit and prepare the rooms.
  • Prepare name tags.
  • Arrange your coffee-breaks and other meals carefully making the best and cheapest selections.
  • Have small symbolic gifts to give to your invited guests.
  • Have a small ceremony where invited guests and/or others will be acknowledged or honored with an award.

Post event evaluation

  • Arrange for an Event Evaluation meeting the latest 2 weeks after the event.
  • Fill in the post-event evaluation form.
  • Prepare an Event Evaluation report in which weaknesses and explain the reasons as well as suggestions for improvements have been documented.

Post event promotion and documentation

  • Publish a press release in the FWC Blog, the project website, using mailing lists and in the country's media.
  • Prepare an event report.
  • Write an article about the event inside FWC-pedia.