Procedure: Preparing public reports and deliverables

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If you are producing a public report or deliverable of Future Worlds Center, please read also the relevant Public reports and deliverables policy.

Developing your report

Every public report and deliverable produced by Future Worlds Center must adhere to the highest standards of quality. To produce it according to professional standards, please ensure the following procedures:

  • Use a graphics design and/or word processing program that is standard for the Organization. If you don't know which software to use, please contact Future Worlds Center IT Unit.
  • Use high resolution images and logos of Future Worlds Center and all sponsors and/or partners.
  • Contact the Future Worlds Center Administration to request a unique ISBN number from the National Library.

Disseminating your report

  • Upon completion of the report, print (high quality color, professionally bounded) two copies sent to the National Library; Registrar for ISBN numbers in Cyprus.
  • Coordinate with Future Worlds Center Administration and Future Worlds Center Financial Unit to ensure proper invoicing for the copies.
  • Copies sent (and charged) to all public libraries in Cyprus.
  • Upload a PDF copy to the Library section of Future Worlds Center's website. If you don't know how to do this, please contact Future worlds Center IT Unit.
  • Write an article about your report on Future Worlds Center's wiki. If you don't know how to do this, please contact Future worlds Center IT Unit.