Procedure: Reimbursing associates who made personal payments to third parties

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Before making a payment to a third party on behalf of the organization, please make sure that you have read the relevant Associates making personal payments to third parties policy.

In order to be reimbursed, the following actions must be followed:

  1. Write with a pen your initials on the receipt: e.g., “paid by GS;” If you pay with somebody else’s money, then his/her initials must appear;
  2. Stamp (Expense Stamp) on the invoice the name of the project to be charged and all other relevant information;
  3. Place the Invoice in the relevant Unit's Incoming Box in the Financial Officer's office.

When the Financial Officer executes the payment, the following tasks shall be done:

  1. Fill-in the cheque for payment with all the details necessary;
  2. Write on the invoice the cheque number;
  3. Make a photocopy, placing the cheque on top of the invoice and staple this copy behind the invoice.