Procedure: Self and Peer Evaluation

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Every one who has a Working Contract with Future Worlds Center that guarantees more than part-time engagement is obliged to complete a Self and Peer Evaluation form in line with the Self and Peer Evaluation Policy and arrange a meeting to discuss it with his/her Supervisor and team.

To complete the Self-evaluation you need to download PDF or download WORD the form template in pdf or WORD or request in word format from the direct supervisor.

The Self-Evaluation system contains the following categories of information:

  1. General information: Name, Education, Years at FWC, Departments, Supervisor(s), Estimated overtime, Annual remuneration, Number of international trips during the past year etc.
  2. Information concerning all projects on which the Associate has contributed.
  3. Information regarding the number and the degree of participation in projects.
  4. Information concerning applications written by the Associate (with estimate on relative contribution).
  5. Reflections on one's Personal Growth based on: Traveling, participation in Seminars, workshops, etc., Management and Communication skills, Public appearances and Research publications.
  6. Reflections regarding planned involvement in next year’s projects
  7. Evaluation of the working environment with focus on Collegiality, Working-style, peers and Supervisor

The deadline of submission is set by the Executive Director and every Associates/employees is informed via email.