Procedure to certify as SDDP Facilitator

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The Procedure to certify as SDDP Facilitator with the SDD Certification Body involves two steps:

  1. Apply to the [[]] submitting all required documents and supporting certifications
  2. Pass the exam

To be eligible to apply for certification as Certified SDD Facilitator, the candidate must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Must have been registered as Candidate SDD Facilitator for at least 1 year
  2. Must have completed at least one Advanced Theoretical SDDP Training
  3. Must have participated in at least one advanced training of trainers SDDP as an instructor
  4. Must have served as mentor of a Certified SDDP co-Facilitator for at least 2 SDDPs

The application must be submitted to

The Management Body will consider and

Logistical Considerations

  1. Fill in the Application Form to certify as SDDP Facilitator
  2. Has paid the application Fee of € 500 (not refundable in case application is not approved by the Committee)