Psychosocialni Centrum Acorus

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Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in JoinTheNet IV – Dissemination of material for education and training on health symptoms caused by violence (PTSD).

Psychosocialni Centrum ACORUS
Type non-profit non-governmental organization
Legal status established in 1997
Location Prague, Czech Republic

Psychosocialni Centrum ACORUS is a non-profit non-governmental organization established in 1997. Its mission is to help people suffering from domestic violence and return them to normal life without fear and abuse. The vast majority of ACORUS clients are women with children, they come from all over the Czech Republic. ACORUS provides a wide range of specialised services including psychological counselling and therapy, legal and financial advisory, social consulting, activities designed to improve mother-child relationship. All services are provided free of charge and anonymously. They are linked and create a complex system of protection and help designed to support victims in their return to normal life.

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