Robin Porter

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Robin Porter
Robin Porter
Period at FWC to be..
Field of Study Master in Conflict Resolution
Sending University Portland State University
Sending Professor to be..
Local Mentor to be..
Involvement at FWC “The Peace & Media Handbook: Cypriot Peace Journalism”
Achievements to be..

Robin was an intern at the Future Worlds Center in 2008.

Robin completed the “The Peace & Media Handbook: Cypriot Peace Journalism” in adjunct to the Peace Initiatives Project by Professor Harry Anastasiou, for her master's degree in Conflict Resolution at Portland State University (PSU) in 2007. The Peace Initiatives Project (PIP) creates opportunities for Cypriot students from both sides of the buffer zone to study at PSU, gathers information through surveys about Cypriots’ beliefs, values, and expectations in order to identify common ground, and promotes the Portland Greek/Turkish Association at PSU.