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SDDP Nicosia Report
SDDP Nicosia Report
Report Title SDDP Nicosia
Triggering Question What are descriptors of an ideal, inside the walls Nicosia?
Lead Facilitator(s) Yiannis Laouris
Mary Ioannou
Author(s) Yiannis Laouris
Mary Ioannou
Statistics Participants=
Number of ideas=45
Number of Clusters=6
Ideas received Votes=12
Ideas on MAP R=12
Spreathink ST=17%

The Triggering Question (TQ) was
"What are descriptors of an ideal, inside the walls Nicosia?

In response to the TQ, the participants came up with 45 descriptors. The ideas were then clustered in 6 categories in an interactive manner, thus providing opportunities for further and deeper clarifications of salient distinctions between separate ideas. The ideas were clarified and discussed throughout the SDDSM, thus enabling participants to achieve a better understanding of the views of other members and greatly expand their own and others. Following the voting process, 12 ideas received one or more votes and were structured to create the influence MAP shown below.

MAP for Nicosia.
Influence tree on the descriptors of an ideal, inside the walls Nicosia.

According to the participants of this workshop, the characteristic appear to be the most influential were:

  • Descriptor #16, Active participation of the citizens in the taking of decisions concerning the city in accordance with EU directives
  • Descriptor #12, Implementation of EU legislation on issues such as noise, environment, licenses and quality of life
  • Descriptor #29, One united autonomous municipality, one Mayor within the walls, one citizen - one vote irrespective of ethnic origin

In sum, the participants of the dialogue reported their satisfaction that their voices have been heard and documented and communicated their expectations for follow-up activities to address the diagnosis of their needs.