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Salesian Missionary Voluntary
Formation 1997
Location Krakow, Poland
Parent organization Salesian Missionary Voluntary


The SWM was created in 1997. It is the first salesian organization in Poland that bands together young people who want to work for the common benefit of the missions. The president of ”Youth For The World” SWM is Adam Parszywka SDB. The aim of the SWM and his members is to help people, a specially oung ones, living in the poorest countries of the world. We are doing this through supporting the missions,sending volunteers and reparing our own projects.

Example activities:

Preparation of the volunteers who want to work at the missions. Up to now SWM menage to sent volunteers to 10 countries (Ghana, Kenya, Malawi,Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Uganda, Peru, Ukraine, Russia). Preparation and leading a projects in third world countries through the found raising actions.

SWM is covering full scale of activities like:

HEALTH (volunteers working in small medical centers) EDUCATION (volunteers working in schools, orphanages etc.) SUPPORTING the missions for their needs (equipment and money) CONSTRUCTION projects (health center in Tanzania, school in Malawi) While realizing the projects in Poland, SWM want to popularize the volunteers activities in the missionary centers. We let the society see the problems of the people living in the poorest regions of the globe.

SWM is present in the society through the following events:

Missionary exhibition, Missionary animation in the region, Missionary Club, Mass Media.


Our association was registered in court in 1999. From 2000, ”Youth For The World” SWM has been acting as a branch of National Youth's Priesthood Center with a seat in Krakow.

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