Savia Christou

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Savia Christou
Savia Christou
With FWC June 2013 - 2017?
Title Software Developer
Degree(s) MSc


Filed(s) of study Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Computer Science

University(ies) Bournemouth University

University of Cyprus

Mrs. Savia Christou joined the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute in June 2013, as a member of the IT Team. Her main task is programming and upgrading a newer version of the Cogniscope v.2 for multiple platforms called Cogniscope v.3. Her responsibilities also include development and maintenance of websites of the organization. Savia also works at Ekkotek, she is programming a series of educational games and apps for mobile devices. The apps are designed to support students in learning, to assess their knowledge on a specific subject, and to help them prepare for their exams.

Short Bio

Mrs. Savia Christou holds a BSc on Computer Science from University of Cyprus (2011) and an MSc on Computer Animation and Visual Effects from University of Bournemouth (2012). She has extensive knowledge on a lot of programming languages including C, C++ and java.


Master thesis: “Cops Vs Thieves Simulation”

Dissertation: “3d Representation of the old aqueducts of Nicosia”