Structured Deliberations to Promote Systems Literacy

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Contract Title Systems Literacy
Contract Number xxxxxx
Funding Period TBD
Funding Agency TBD
Total Cost TBD
Lead Partner The College of Exploration
Partners Institute for 21st Century Agoras, The Structural Modeling Group, University of Toronto OCAD
FWC coordinator(s) Kevin Dye, Senior Research Fellow

Structured Deliberations to Promote Systems Literacy

This initiative builds on the cultivation of Systems Literacy movements to address the integration of Systems and Systems Models as Cross-Cutting Concepts in Educational Systems, in Policy Making at various levels, as the basis for collaborative action at the Community level, in K-12 curricula, and as assistance to individuals in facing problems and dilemma in a systemic fashion. It is anterior to Systemic Design.

Overall Objectives

Prospective inquiries to be conducted include:

  • engage a large network of representative stakeholders as participants in "deliberation-at-scale'for an overall plan to promote Systems Literacy at large.
  • engage members of systems societies in rationalization, unification, and integration of various systems perspectives.
  • engage members of different schools of thought regarding systems science and practice in articulating a pluralist framework for systems literacy.
  • engage individuals in the K-12 system in addressing problems and dilemma they face from a systemic perspective.
  • promote Systems Literacy in domain-specific contexts