Talents Coaching & Consulting Kenya Ltd.

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Talents Coaching & Consulting Kenya Ltd.
Motto E learning innovation
Legal status International Organization
Location Kenya
Region served Africa
Leader Dr. Penina Lam
Website Offical website

ELI is an EdTech consulting and digital learning solutions firm, specializing in soft-skills on-demand training, organizational development (OD) and virtual knowledge management (KM) solutions.

They offer instructional design, content development, and delivery services to organizations seeking customized learning and development solutions.

Orgination's Values

As a social enterprise, we put people first. We have supported thousands of educator development training by providing workshops and sharing resources globally. We champion SDGs and foster digital learning initiatives because we believe in:

  • fostering inclusive and equitable quality training/educational practices.
  • creating learning environments that promote lifelong learning opportunities for ALL – no matter where one lives or works.

Work with FWC

ELI worked with FWC in the Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era (UNDEF) in the American co-laboratories

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