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Dear colleagues from the Organizing Committee,

Do you also have an impression that the page dedicated to The 2015 International Conference on the Science of Dialogic Design is not interaction friendly enough? I have two questions which I did not know where to pose but here and would be most grateful for the answers: 1) Is it possible to avoid strict separation of the sessions in the morning on those reserved for members of the Global Agoras Group and those Open to all participants? 2) Have you planned virtual participation of the participants who paid participation fee but are not able to come to Symposia on the spot?

If the answers to both my questions are negative, than please do your best to leave as much as possible trace of your activities during the Conference in the form of links to contributed papers, presentations, videos, influence maps of conducted co-laboratories... as stimulus for post-Symposia asynchronous efforts to reach its designed aims which could not be reached within limited time and space. Best regards,

Vera vratuša