Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e.V - BTECNET

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Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e.V
Abbreviation BTECNET
Type social enterprise
Legal status 1987
Location Berlin, Germany
Leader Günther Lorenz

Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e.V is a a social enterprise (association charitable by law) for the promotion of research, development and training in the areas of need-based local and regional policies of technology and employment policies. The network, existing since 1987 of 10 persons, and organisations. The head Günther Lorenz is also a pioneer in the world of Social Audit.

Areas of activities

  • Interdisciplinary research group (IFG) IRG Local Economy, once at the Berlin Technology University (Technische Universität Berlin)
  • Training and Education Centre for Economic Self-Help
  • European Network for Economic Self-Help and Local Development (EURONETZ)

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