Technology for Peace: Phase 3

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Technology for Peace

The Technology For Peace Unit develops theory on how technology can and must be used in the service of peace. More specifically, it develops educationally relevant and socially responsible IT & Mobile-based curriculum, and. It participates in various international and European organizations and through its Development Education program aims to contribute towards bridging the literacy, economic and digital divides in our world.

Formal Project Description
Contract Title Technology For Peace: Phase 3
Lead Partner Future Worlds Center (CNTI)
Countries of the action Cyprus
Cost of Action ₤: 47,440 US$: 74,480
Grant ₤: 32,330 US$: 50.758 (based on April 29th rate)
Dates 01/06/2002 - 31/05/2003
      (closed 30/4/2004)

About Project Technology for Peace
Overall objective(s)
The project aims to (a) continue exposing and supporting peace building groups of the two communities in Cyprus by expanding the existing infrastructure of at its fullest, (b) raise the level of awareness about peace building activities among the two communities in Cyprus by developing in Greek and Turkish, (c) empower peace building groups and provide them with opportunities for capacity building through the delivery of specific needed training and skills and technical assistance, and (d) enhance the platform's relevance, significance and value on an international level.