The European Legal Network on Asylum

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Network Name The European Legal Network on Asylum

The European Legal Network on Asylum (ELENA) promotes humane treatment of, and enhanced human rights standards for, refugees and asylum seekers. More than 2,000 legal professionals comprise ELENA’s pan-European network. ELENA provides support and personal contact between lawyers in an effort to foster cooperation in emergency situations and assist members in Central and Eastern Europe. According to Official Website their objectives are pursued by:

  • providing and reinforcing contact between practising lawyers and legal counsellors in different European countries who work on asylum cases;
  • facilitating the exchange of information and experience between these lawyers and legal counsellors;
  • studying the implementation of national and international law relating to refugees;
  • organising seminars on specific topics relating to refugee law and making the results available to practising lawyers;
  • promoting the development of national networks of lawyers specialising in asylum law.

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